We are pleased to announce that the beta version of savetu.be is now released and working as expected. The release was originally scheduled for later in the month but youtube's changes in the page code rendered the alpha site inoperable, so in order to continue the service I put in a couple of allnighters and yesterday 11pm (gmt) the beta version went live. I still haven't activated all functionality but atm extracting videos from youtube works like a charm. Added features include better support of foreign character codes, rewritten robust link extraction engine that will allow to easier add new hosts to the existing ones (atm only youtube.com, more scheduled for the middle of the next week).

EDIT:May 2012 Some have pointed out that the 1 click download is falling back to the 2 click, this is true. 1-click functionality will be returned on the next release of the site, wich also will introduce basiin and vimeo support. For the time being please feel free to visit http://savetu.be and liberate your tubes! As always savetu.be will never ask you to use JAVA, Flash or Shockwave (or any other plugin or unconfined program).