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Pergamon Developer Diary

I usually work on Pergamon only after my day job, usually late at night. This is to help me remember all the things I did! It can also be used to understand where development of Pergamon is heading.

2021-10-07 Bugfixes and Version bumps

Missing Images Incident

Yesterday morning I got informed by a couple of people that images don't seem to load. A quick look at the logs explained the situation quite cleanly. My metadata parser was expecting every field in the 721 metadata to be an object describing a policy and its assets. While strictness is typically a virtue when trying to write dependable software in this case it did work against me since it was throwing away metadata that was fine jut because its view of the world was simpler. I improved the metadata extractor and added tests to ensure formats with extra data don't make the parser go belly up.

DB-Sync bump to 11.0.4

Since testnet already went over the next HFC event I needed to bump the db-sync version to 11.0.4. We all are supposed to update any way so this was the right thing to do in any case. On testnet the update worked out flawlessly. Unfortunately on mainnet DB Sync decided it did not like the old state so it reverted back to the beginning of the Epoch (duh....).

All in all, images should load for more NFTs now and DB sync is re-syncing eta around 2 hours.

I will update this blog post when the sync completes Update: Sync went for less than two hours thankfully! Everything up and running again!