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A Roadmap to a City

As most of my readers will know creating an actual living city is a huge effort. This is why I have set up Pergamon to develop and roll out the distinct technologies themselves first and later on integrate them into the end project. This here is a provisional Roadmap which will be adjusted as we progress in the development and understanding of what is needed to create a virtual city!

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Phase 1 - Basic Building Blocks

Agora dApp

I realized that in order to make Weaves happen I needed on-chain NFT markets, so Agora has to come before Weave.

Update: We are LIVE :-D

The land (the lots contained in the weave) created in the Pergamon design process will be auctioned off in the end. In order to do this we need a blockchain based auctioning system. After some research we found that a form of blind auction with sniper protection is the best way to ensure a fair sale. Currently the specs of the auction are geared towards minimizing bad wakeups for the winners. As described elsewhere, the profits in weave auctions will go to creators and not to me.

Weave dApp

The approach chosen to allow the Cardano Community to design the city layout (building blocks, parks, transport, etc) is to design these features via pixel art on a virtual canvas. In order to do this we first need to implement that sort of virtual, blockchain, NFT, canvas in a generic fashion to fine tune the collab system and make sure it cannot be gamed by malevolent or egoistic actors. V1 of the Weave protocol has been designed already and is currently being implemented.

Phase 2 - Weave and Agora Finetune

Refine the designing process and introduce the design definition process. We will have to refine the moderation rules of weaves (particularly how a weave ends, will there be a refining process at the end etc) as well as parameters. The costs you have to pay to paint on a weave are based on participant reputation so that reputation system has to be set up. There are also some interesting projects being started by NFT-DAO like a ticketing system that might be useful to the Pergamon dApp long term.

Phase 3 - Plenum Rollout

This is the rollout of the design process. This could also well be a funding round to collect funds to continue development for the city explorer and the building tools (yes, the tools with which you will be able to put buildings on your lot)! If you know my background you will know that I had pioneered web3d applications back in 2008-2010. So yeah, a 3d explorer we need so that people will be able to interact with that city of ours!

Phase 4 - City Explorer and Building Tooling Development

As the Plenum is established and the city design process can start we need to start looking one level deeper. Sure, you will have a lot in the city's plan by now but a flat piece f land won't interest anybody. So we need methods to allow people to place their buildings on their lots and renderers that will allow people to explore the city. There already is a multitude of free 3d modeling tools out there so we won't concern ourselves with that part but with the part of loading your saved 3D model into your lot.

Phase 5 - The Grand Opening

Pergamon opens its doors. This is the moment we all have been waiting for! A flick of a switch and the city becomes accessible to everyone! The City council has been established and the whole system is governed over the blockchain. Well done everybody!

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