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SPEC Announcements

These are older announcements of spectrum pool. The SPEC home page spectrum-pool.kind.software will always only show the latest announcement and link here for the rest

Announcement 3 (2021-01-03)

SPEC Donation strategy

We believe that efficient consensus (like Cardano's PoS) can unlock huge amounts of positive impact for the world. This is the reason why SPEC will always donate at least 20% of its earnings to charity, with a goal to reach as much as 100%. In order to achieve our 100% goal SPEC must concentrate enough stake to qualify for multiple blocks per epoch. In order to ensure this we will be introducing the Grow the Pledge initiative.

While the Grow the Pledge initiative is live, SPEC will donate 40% of pool fees to charity (Currently Pencils of Promise and keep the rest in pledge to allow for more blocks each passing epoch. We will keep this initiative going untill either of the following happens:

  1. Pool gets over 90% saturation (Donate 75% to charity)
  2. Pool pledge reaches 400kAda
  3. End of year 2021

Announcement 2 (September):

Update: we made a block in epoch 221! As I said, everything is and has been configured correctly! ;-) Since SPEC didn't mint any blocks yet (I checked, the setup is good and validated, the Cardano Slotleader lottery just hasn't picked SPEC yet since we have a very small stake) I decided to continue running the "all pool earnings will go to Pencils of Promise" campaign untill at least the d parameter has reached 0.5!

Announcement (August):

To celebrate the launch of SPEC, for the next four epochs (Cardano Epochs 211-214) ALL of my operator profits with this pool will be converted to bitcoin and donated to the Pencils of Promise charity, which is focused on providing education to children around the world!