justforgetme's Blog

Welcome to my new home.

In this part of the internet I will try to summarise and collect all my doings, bringing together the three(ish) different personalities that I have been enjoying so much - and for more than a decade - on the relatively identity shy Internet.

The scope of this site is complex. It serves not only as a hub of my web development projects but also as a note taking assistant for active developments. As a Dynamic linker to the numerous devices, servers, laptops, set top boxes I have set up. As a place to portray my personal ideas and beliefs through blogs, social links, images and things to come.

I could go on really but in respect of brevity I will restrain myself for the time being. "Exploration is the safest way to wisdom" Ferdinand Magellan was once falsely quoted and by this expression I would like to invite the respected reader to feel free to click around, read some descriptions and take in the imagery.

The truth is out there after all. k