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Wen...Stuff?! When do things happen in Cardano?




If you have been a part of Cardano for more than 24 hours and an active member of the Cardano social web you will have picked up on specific questions about Cardano's next milestones or operational features popping up like mushrooms. And if you think about it, sure, it is easy to explain. There is a lot of STUFF happening. Rewards come in every five days, every month seems to have a serious happening regarding the blockchain's evolution. Livestreams and announcements abound. It is difficult to keep track of that stuff.

So, to try and bring an inkling of order into the Cardanosphere I built Wen.pm. Wen.pm is a simple application that tracks reward schedules and Cardano's most important happenings and tells you how long you will have to wait until they happen. All that in convenient countdowns with a mobile friendly UI.

Currently Wen.pm will:

  1. Show you when the last epoch and the currently running epoch will pay out rewards
  2. Show you all the milestones that happened and the ones that still lie before us.

The UI automatically navigates to the next upcoming milestone when you visit the site. I will try to keep this updated with new info as soon as I hear it and am trying to get more data sources into it. The grand idea would be to make it into a "One stop shop" for everything that's happening soon in Cardano.

Now go, check it out!