Artistic Photo(shopo)?graphy

500px / Photo "Iconic London" by Oliver Pohlmann

500px / Photo "Iconic London" by Oliver Pohlmann
about this image:

Tower Bridge, London

source: Oliver Pohlmann's picture

about the gallery:

While testing Basiin (the bookmarklet creation framework I wrote) I spent a lot of time around sites that were hosting images. After all what a better way to measure upload performance other than doing multiple image uploads via script tags?

After cleaning up all the redundant images I ended up with a handfull I couldn't part. It might be a bit confusing but I chose to showcase these artworks here, after all they are images that affect me. Smartly enough the upload mechanism I was testing basiin with included metadata and scraped site tags, titles etc. so the refferences are right there. Links to the originals should be displayed below each image.


Artistic Photoshopography

A collection of images that are either very artistic
or heavily modified in post production.