Project: KIND Meta Cloud

The KIND meta cloud is a relatively unconventional cloud hosting platform exclusively aimed at clients of KIND Studios and my own projects. The idea is to create an easily scalable, self sufficient, automated and portable platform for web hosting that makes use of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offerings like Amazon Web Services and the Rackspace cloud but is not depending on infrastructure specific details. One other aspect of the development is to examine ways of making such a formation completely self sufficient by expanding the server instances with S.M.A.R.T. Agent functionality and giving them programmatic ways to fully configure themselves and their neighbors according to events they infer from a predefined set of configurations or even from an actively populated Reinforcement Learning ML model that would gather information from the whole deployment and interpret it.

Beyond the obvious achievability concern, given that I am a single person working on this, the main concerns while planing the service were platform robustness as well as keeping the implementation as platform agnostic as possible to ensure good expandability and avoiding provider lock in as a bonus. The resulting platform should be able to handle Infrastructure failings and theoretically you should be able to take the VM images from one IaaS provider and move them to another with minimal rewrites. The premise is that even though cloud infrastructure providers generally have very good credits for reliability and service continuity their existence is relatively young and therefore You still should be cautious about going all in on one specific offering. Also it is calming to know that your applications will have only limited downtime even in the extreme case that somebody takes Ireland (where the implementation currently resides) off line or a rogue employee wreaks havoc on the data center.