Project: KIND Studios website

This is my own site. It is based on a small research I did some time ago about what you really need to present your content though a dynamic website. I have seen a lot of CMS solutions and at this moment you pretty much can get any CMS you need wether you are just one blogger or a multinational. I have done my own share in CMS development mostly using the Yii framework but have also been part of plain expansion of other open source solutions and even created one from scratch ( with vanilla PHP.

In this project I tried to create some sort of standard work flow for my coming CMS work. I worked with hard definition on what belongs where with a scope of creating a very clean infrastructure that is very versatile and likes expansion.

The toolset for the task as always is the Yii framework, the site is inherently multilingual, The design spec was to make every type of end user input to correspond to multiple text linguistically labeled containers in order. The site even now is running as a multi language site even though the at the moment the language switcher is not written (I am looking for an elegant implementation and it plainly eludes me).