Spectrum Pool - List of Donations

As per our announcement on the SPEC home page, the Spectrum Pool will be donating 100% of its own profits to a charity until the d parameter has reached 0.5. From there on it will be at least 20% of the pool's income.

This is a reverse chronological list of all donations the Spectrum Pool has done since its beginning.


We made a block! In epoch 221 we made a block and the pool got 1330 Ada for that. So this money was exchanged for 2.23ZEC Zcash on Kraken and donated to the Pencils of Promise via the Giving Block. I am very happy to be able to contribute in this way to two very important things

  1. Empowering the decentralization landscape in IT and Finance.
  2. Giving people chances!

Due dilligence:

ZCASH Donation: https://explorer.zcha.in/transactions/1619b17dd4ab2e51b707a25f3befa26db593bb1cb8c4fa0102a7202760b82b06 ADA outbound: https://explorer.cardano.org/en/transaction?id=76e6d3338c2ec040b7c991d00e065d048797e2a28efc02ff27b72e51e8be3254