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Spectrum Pool - List of Donations

As per our announcement on the SPEC home page, the Spectrum Pool will be donating 100% of its own profits to a charity until the d parameter has reached 0.5. From there on it will be at least 20% of the pool's income.

This is a reverse chronological list of all donations the Spectrum Pool has done since its beginning.


SPEC minted one block in epoch 233! 1010 Ada go to Pencils of Promise!!!

This brings the total SPEC donations for 2020 to 4485β‚³ (568$)! Thanks to everybody for your words of encouragement and advise and thanks to our loyal delegators. Regardless if you are our loyal 10k delegator that is with us since September or the 3.5Mβ‚³ whale that joined us five days ago. We love you for helping us realize our mission!

Due dilligence:

For epoch 233 SPEC controlled 120k Ada from the 130k Ada staked to the pool. We since have increased the pledge to 100k and will be using the remaining 20k as petty cash to pay for ongoing expenses from time to time.

Of the 1095 Ada rewards for that epoch 233 block 1010.769230769 are SPEC profit (0.923076923 Stake ownership of 130k). As our mission statement states we will be donating 100% of the SPEC staking income to a charity as long as our stake is so small (SPEC is the main stakeholder). We converted the Ada to SEC 1010.769230769 Γ— 0.00238420 = 2.409876 and donated 2.40987 ZEC to Pencils of Promise via The Giving Block.

Transaction: b481b29d306e6793a97f48563d524fce3833017dadbfeb0686b92ebe384859ab TX on zecmate.com

ZEC: 2.409876
USD: 156.4$
ADA: 1010β‚³


We made a block! In epoch 221 we made a block and the pool got 1330 Ada for that. So this money was exchanged for 2.23ZEC Zcash on Kraken and donated to the Pencils of Promise via the Giving Block. I am very happy to be able to contribute in this way to two very important things

  1. Empowering the decentralization landscape in IT and Finance.
  2. Giving people chances!

Due dilligence:

ZCASH Donation: https://explorer.zcha.in/transactions/1619b17dd4ab2e51b707a25f3befa26db593bb1cb8c4fa0102a7202760b82b06 ADA outbound: https://explorer.cardano.org/en/transaction?id=76e6d3338c2ec040b7c991d00e065d048797e2a28efc02ff27b72e51e8be3254

ZEC: 2.23
USD: 146.6$
ADA: 1330β‚³


ZEC: 3.1999
USD: 265$
ADA: 2145β‚³